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Knowing where others will arrive before they get there.

Building on the proven prescience of J. Richard Finlay, Finlay Analytics helps forward-looking institutions, thought leaders and social entrepreneurs understand the key forces that are defining the political and economic agendas.

Anyone claiming to understand the values and inflection points that are shaping the future needs to have a sound record of accurately predicting that future. Here is a sampling of J. Richard Finlay’s record.

Well before their underlying events gained widespread attention, these predictions were made in various op-ed page commentaries, public speeches, media interviews and in Finlay ON Governance, his popular blog that spanned more than a decade (available now by subscription only).

  • The disaffection of constituents and the rise of Turbo Populism, the grass roots political movements of both the left and the right. Driven by a combination of anger, distrust of the Establishment and disenchantment with the political status quo, this phenomenon produced the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the Tea Party in 2010. It continues to reshape the political landscape in the United States (and beyond) by challenging the entrenched interests. J. Richard Finlay coined the term Turbo Populism to capture the game-changing power of this movement in 2008.
  • The dangers of Wall Street’s growing disconnection from the needs and values of Main Street, along with increasingly reckless compensation schemes and poor governance oversight, that culminated in the subprime mortgage disaster and the worst recession since the Great Depression.
  • The fatal boardroom failures of major players like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Nortel, Hollinger and Livent and their inevitable demise.
  • The creation of the U.S. government’s TARP Wall Street/bank bailout fund and the public fury it produced.
  • The high costs of boardroom failures and governance breakdowns by some of Wall Street’s most valued actors, including Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, resulting in billions in record fines and government penalties.
  • The epidemic of mistrust and hostility over the rise of the new Gilded Age for the top one-percent and the backlash over swelling income and wealth inequality.
  • The push by shareholders and regulators in the U.S., Canada, Britain and elsewhere for better corporate governance practices, and the pushback over excessive CEO compensation schemes.
  • The rise of stakeholder capitalism, a term coined by J. Richard Finlay in the 1980s to reflect the mounting power of shareholder activists, pension funds, ethical investors and others concerned about the impact of corporate decision-making and the inability of the typically passive investor approach to serve these needs.
  • The arrival of the social enterprise philanthropist, who applies business disciplines and innovative skills in a neo-enterprise spirit to solve social problems underserved by the conventional charitable paradigm. J. Richard Finlay coined the term neo-enterprise spirit in 1977.

Knowing where the puck is going is a key to winning in more than hockey. It is an indispensable rule for success in every forward-looking organization and for everyone who wants to be a part of society’s unfolding agenda, not a captive of it.

For years, the most innovative leaders in business, politics, philanthropy and elsewhere have turned to J. Richard Finlay for his uniquely eloquent and insightful interpretation of the challenges of turbulent times. The best organizations know the importance of being guided by a clear sense of vision when moving into the future.

Finlay Analytics uses proprietary methodology along with experienced insights developed over several decades to identify and articulate game-changing issues and tectonic signals, and works with clients and partners to develop constructive strategic interventions.

One of the earlier inflection points identified by J. Richard Finlay is Turbo Populism, a term he coined nearly a decade ago to reflect the rise of voter disenchantment and the creation of grass roots waves of anger and resentment that challenge the political status quo. Today, it is the critical force that continues to reset Establishment agendas and disrupt conventional thinking. It is about more than politics in the age of Donald Trump. Turbo Populism carries profound implications for how all organizations will do business in the future. It is time to consider what those impacts will be and how they can best be addressed.

If you are one of those exceptional leaders who knows how important it is to stay ahead of the curve, Finlay Analytics can help. Contact J. Richard Finlay directly in confidence with your email address and a few words about your organization