Finlay ON Governance | Subscriber Edition

For the past decade, Finlay ON Governance has been illuminating the issues that shape the governance and leadership of our major institutions of private enterprise and public trust.  Times change, however, even for the best of things.

Finlay ON Governance, and its companion commentatorial, Finlay ON Ethics, is now available exclusively on an annual paid subscription basis to discerning clients throughout the world who value an authentic voice framed in a percipient perspective.  A sample of previous work from Finlay ON Governance that has struck a particularly resonant tone with readers over the past decade is available here.

Access is also available on a pro bono basis to select groups and individuals who share a similar interest but are unable to meet the paid subscription requirements.  In both cases, clients are subject to pre-approval in order to minimize the risk of further copyright infringement.

If you would like more information about subscribing to Finlay ON Governance or Finlay ON Ethics, please contact Elizabeth Thompson, setting out your specific interest and the organization you represent.